Winter Workshop Classes

Designs in Woven Metal– Jeanie Pratt
Light & Line: Cloisonne’ Enameling– Linda Darty
Torch Control and Fusing Hollow Forms II– Jenny Reeves
Advanced (Beyond Basics) Inlay– Chuck Bruce & Micah Kirby

Designs in Woven Metal
with Jeanie Pratt
Prerequisites: Basic Metalsmithing skills required

In this workshop you will learn how to weave small sheets of metal from flattened wire to incorporate in your jewelry. You will be introduced to a variety of different patterns that can be achieved with weave structures that range from a simple over under plain weave to beautiful flowing undulating designs. There are so many fun ways to achieve different effects in weaving, including the weave pattern itself, combining different metals for contrast in the weave pattern and varying the widths of the wire used in the weave structure. Students will be encouraged to create a variety of samples. You will learn how to form your samples in the hydraulic press as well as to solder their edges. Kits will be provided with the materials to get started, as well as instructions on how to prepare the materials yourself. How to design your own weave patterns with graph paper will be introduced as well as a wealth of resources to inspire you. There will be discussions and samples on how to set and utilize your ‘woven sheet’ in brooches, pendants, beads, and earrings. Basic metalsmithing skills are required.

Materials fee of $60 paid to instructor at time of class

Light & Line: Cloisonne’ Enameling
with Linda Darty -SOLD OUT
Prerequisites: Students will work at their own level of experience

Explore the rich beauty of cloisonné enameling over copper or fine silver, working with transparent and opalescent color on small jewelry scale pieces. We will focus on blending colors to achieve value gradations, luminosity and depth to creating beautiful gem like surfaces. Foils can be used beneath colors to create special effects and we will discuss matte finishing techniques and setting options unique to enameling. Students will be challenged to work at their own level of experience and should expect to complete several small cloisonné pieces during the workshop.

Optional enamel kit fee of $55 paid to instructor at time of class

Torch Control & Fusing Hollow Forms II: Advanced fabrication and adding gold to Argentium
with Jenny Reeves
Prerequisites: Torch Control and Fusing Hollow Forms + additional practice or comparable experience.  This is an advanced class, students must be comfortable with fusing and fabrication.

This class expands on the skills learned in my Torch Control and Fusing Hollow Forms class.  We’ll explore layering fused textures, constructing complex pieces, adding gold by fusing 18K/ 22K filings, wire and granules, and applying keum-boo and Aura 22.   Day 1 begins with experiments and discussing samples, then students will design and fabricate a cuff bracelet and/or hollow form that incorporates multiple processes!   Students will learn new techniques with an emphasis on developing advanced fabrication and problem solving skills.  This class is for students comfortable with torch fusing, who are ready to challenge themselves and take their work to the next level!

Materials Kit Fee of $65 due to instructor at time of class.

Advanced (Beyond Basic) Inlay
with Chuck Bruce & Micah Kirby
Prerequisites:  Inlay, Cabochons (Calibration and Shapes). Silver I ( not an absolute must, but helpful)

Construct an inlay bail & pendant (project 1), and student choice after, usually an inlay hinged bangle, bead knives, cuff links, belt buckle. Class will explore drilling into stone, stone in stone, stone cones, hingeing, stone on stone. but most choose a full inlay cuff (which I am known for). We accomplish this by using box construction with sterling silver sheet, either bezel or square or triangle or 1/4 round wire depending on project by soldering with hard wire solder and Pripps flux then rough cut stone with trim saw, grind to fit the void/channel/vessel then grind, shape & polish on Diamond Pacific Genie lapidary machines. Students can bring basic silver tools, composite cross lock tweezers, pocketknife or scribe, will have most tools needed. Students need to bring or purchase 2-3 slabs of rock that are similar hardness and can be combined for inlay. Pattern stones do very well with plain colored stone. Expect waste rock.

Lab Fee: $150.00 Includes Sterling Silver for Project 1, all banding silver, pripps flux, silver hard wire solder, saw blades, glues for inlay, stabilizer glues, dusk masks, 3M and black craytec wheels on dremel points, green scrubby, pencil and disposable goods. Does include some banding stones and wood.

Estimate Material Cost: lab fee includes 1st project, other materials plan on $100 to $300 depending on projects chosen. Level of skill or Prerequisites: Inlay, Cabochons (Calibration and Shapes), Silver I, not an absolute must, but helpful