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Packing for Winter Workshop

Winter Workshop will be here before we know it! As you read over your instructor’s supply list,
there are some general items that will make life a little more comfortable and convenient for you while in class. If you’ve been to Atlantic Center for Winter Workshop before, you know what to expect. If you haven’t been there before, this will help orient you a bit.

Keep in mind that Atlantic Center is not a dedicated metal & jewelry school. It is an interdisciplinary art center with a dance studio, music studio, computer studio, painting studio & sculpture studio – these are the places we’ll be “converting” to metal studios for our time there. It’s not a perfect conversion by any means, so your understanding, patience and help are always appreciated.

Our chapter brings nearly all the equipment from our DeLand studio to begin the transformation—everything from anvils to paper towel, baking soda to rolling mills – just about everything but our utility sink – and we’d bring that, too, if we could.  First, we have to protect the flooring in three of the studios—two are carpeted and one is a beautiful hardwood dance floor.  We rent tables and then arrange them to serve as student and teacher “benches” and work surfaces.  We provide a limited number of communal torch set-ups, along with quenching bowls and pickle pots. Not all rooms have sinks, so some classes will be using portable outdoor sinks – not bad if the weather is good!  And we can’t start this “transformation” until less than 24 hours before you arrive—using only volunteers.  

It is a daunting task, and we spend months preparing because we believe in what we do. Will it be perfect? (Did I mention we are all volunteers?) Probably not, but we do everything we can to create an environment that allows you to explore new ideas as you work among friends. But we also depend on your understanding, cooperation and help as we are all members of the same pretty fantastic organization, FSG.  

That said, consider the suggestions below to make your experience that much better.

1. Bring a task light – remember, the spaces are not traditional classrooms and some rooms have intentionally soft lighting.

2. Bring a surge protector/power strip with multiple outlets.  You’ll need something to plug in that task light… and any other power tools.

3. Bring an extension cord – a heavy gauge extension cord.

4. Bring a cushion for what will otherwise be the most uncomfortable chair you’ve ever had the misfortune to sit on for a week. You’re welcome to bring your own task chair – your classmates will cast longing glances its way all week.

5. Bring  “C” clamps – you’ll need them to anchor bench pins to tables, etc.

6. If you bring your flexshaft, bring a way to hang it.  

7. If you think twice about whether you should bring something, you should probably bring it, especially if you are coming by car and have room.

8. Keep in mind that other students and visitors may be in your classroom while you’re away from your desk.  Sometimes, they can’t help admire your work or a unique tool and they may pick it up to admire and then set it down not exactly where it was. If you don’t want visitors to be tempted to “look at your work with their hands,” just bring a cloth to cover your workspace – out of sight, out of mind.

9. A flashlight is a handy thing to have given the remote and woodsy location of the workshop.

10. Take advantage of the fact that Tevel from Allcraft will be coming to Winter Workshop.  He is happy to bring any tools and materials you order in advance with him, and you can save the shipping charges.  He’ll be working with the instructors to try to provide exactly what you’ll need for your class… and of course, he’ll also have plenty of what you didn’t know existed and now can’t live without. Tevel will be on-site Monday.

11. Bring an item for the auction… in fact, bring a great item for the auction! The auction is only as good as the donations we receive—this is the year to be especially generous with your items and with your bidding. Remember that your donation is tax deductible because we are a federally designated non-profit 501 (c) (3) educational organization. Think outside the box, too.  While tools and books always bring enthusiastic bidding, unusual items such as a week at one of your timeshares, gift cards, a bottle of fine wine, concert tickets—any of those items would bring lively bidding. How exciting would it be to know that your donation brought the highest bid of the night!

We know that many of you are traveling a great distance to be here and we know how difficult it is to transport tools by air because of security regulations and the cost of excess baggage. We’ll have some tools and equipment available for shared use in your studio. Many of your classmates will be willing to share tools, too, but please ask permission before borrowing. If you would like to ship some tools in advance (USPS flat rate is perfect for this!) just let us know and we’ll provide a mailing address. We still encourage each student to bring as many of the items on their supply list as possible to make their class more enjoyable.

Finally, if you are staying on-site, think of the lodging as more of a dorm than a hotel.  It is truly no frills… mints on the pillow, no room service, no maid service—not even shampoo & conditioner…or a hair dryer. Just clean linens and a teeny-tiny bar of soap.   No cable –in fact, no TV at all, but there is WiFi in housing and in the studios. So, pack accordingly.  If you forget something, there are discount, grocery and drug stores within just a few miles to pick up those necessities.

See you soon!

Countdown to Winter Workshop . . .  

Think safety:  When we’re working in our own studios,everything we need is close at hand – and the surroundings are familiar.  During Winter Workshop, not only will the studio area be new to you, but you’ll be surrounded by other students who are also in unfamiliar territory and are learning something new.  It’s a time to be especially aware – head to toe.  Be sure to bring adequate eye protection and wear closed-toed shoes.  (Some folks get a little “casual” in sunny Florida and love wearing sandals – put please, not when you’re in the studio.) Don’t forget a dust mask or respirator if they’re on your list – you might want ear plugs, too.  If you’re bringing your own torch, you must also bring a fire-resistant surface upon which to work.   If you’re bringing extension cords and power strips, be sure they are heavy gauge and you might want to throw in a roll of duct tape to secure them to the floor. Bring enough “C” clamps to safely secure anything you bring that will need anchoring.

Think auction:
 Our auction is only as exciting as the donations you make … we can only auction off great stuff if you donate great stuff! The other side of the coin is generous bidding.  Remember, this is a fundraiser – an event that enables us to offer more great workshops and have the equipment and supplies students need.  We know everybody loves a bargain, but if you can, bid just a little bit more to get in the spirit of the event (and we’ll even provide the “spirits” if you’d like!)

Think casual:  Studio attire is the accepted uniform on campus.  Our opening night program,auction, and Friday night wrap party are all casual – so be comfortable!  If dressing up makes you feel comfortable,then that’s great, too.  January temperatures in central Florida can range from freezing to mid-80’s, so think layers.  The campus consists of individual buildings, so you’ll be going outside from your room and walking about a block to the studios and dining hall.

Think “Dorm”:
 If you’re staying on site, think “dorm” and not luxury hotel.  Remember, there’s no maid service, no TV, teeny tiny bars of soap, no shampoo, no hair dryer – you get the picture.  There is a fridge in each room, and what they lack in luxury they make up for in convenience.

Think Cooperation:   Winter Workshop is a place for happy reunions with friends and colleagues we may only see once a year – to you we say“welcome back!”  We also have quite a few first-timers, so be sure to offer a friendly hello to the new faces in town to say “welcome!”
You aren’t just “customers” to us – you are members.  We aren’t just employees doing a job, we’re members, too — volunteering our time and energy to present this workshop. Our collective success depends on the cooperation and participation of each of us. When you pitch in just a little, the rewards and appreciation are great. Just ask any of the Winter Workshop volunteers about ways you can be part of a true cooperative effort that will make FSG and all of its many programs even stronger. 

A site map of the Atlantic Center for the Arts complex.  Check in will be at the Harris Theater — some of you may also know it as “The Black Box Theater.”

Atlantic Center is located at 1414 Art Center Drive, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and is accessed from US 1, N. Dixie Freeway. It is North of the New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport.

Watch for the brown road signs with arrows directing you to Atlantic Center for the Arts on US 1.   Turn West at Art Center Drive.  The entrance to ACA is approximately .8 miles on the right.

Closest Airports:

Orlando International is the largest airport with the most flights available, but is farther away.  Daytona Beach International Airport is the closest airport to the Workshop.
The airport websites will have information on ground transportation- shuttles, car rental and limo services.  Winter Workshop does not provide transportation to the event, but we will reach out to attendees and volunteers closer to the event to help facilitate possible shared rides.

Orlando International Airport

Daytona Beach International Airport

Orlando Sanford International Airport

Winter Workshop Schedule of Events (subject to modification)

Sunday, January 16,2022

3 – 5pm           Student check-in, Harris Theater (“Black Box” Theater)

6:00pm            Welcome Dinner

7:30-9:00pm   Welcome Program with Instructor Introductions

Monday – Friday General Schedule (studios are closed and locked during all meals & auction)

            8:00 – 9:00   Breakfast

            9:00 – 12:00 Class

            12:00 – 1:00 Lunch

            1:00 – 4:00    Class

            5:45 – 7(ish) Dinner

            Studios remain open until dinner Monday – Thursday.

Studios reopen after dinner around 7-ish on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, and may reopen after the auction on Wednesday night if two or more students want to work.

Studios will remain open in the evenings only as long as at least two people are present in the room. The last two people are required to sign out indicating that they have turned off all torches & unplugged all pickle pots and accessible extension cords and turned off the lights.

Special Events

 Monday          Shop with Tevel from Allcraft tools, Black Box Theater.

Wednesday              6:45 Auction Preview

                                       7:15 – 9:00 Live Auction!

Thursday        “Swap Meet” 4-7pm, Black Box Theater

Friday              7:00 “Wrap Party” – Show & Tell, Show & Sell for all students & instructors, raffle drawing.  Farewell hugs! Black Box Theater

Saturday         8:00-9:00 Breakfast & Farewell   Checkout time for students staying onsite is 10:00am