Regular Price: $1095.00
Early Bird Price: $995.00 (Post Marked by 10/15/2021)

Tuition includes five full days of instruction & meals.
Meal service begins with dinner on Sunday, Jan 16, 2022 and ends with breakfast on Saturday, Jan 22, 2022.

To become a member of FSG, visit
All Winter Workshop students must be members for 2022 by check-in on January 16, 2022. 
Membership is by calendar year, January- December

If a class you are interested in is sold out, you may indicate that you wish to be placed on a waitlist in case of a cancellation.

If you have any trouble viewing the pdf file, try updating your pdf reader.

Placement is based on postmark. If more applications are received than there are spaces remaining for a given postmark, then current FSG Members are given priority and the names of the applicants will be randomly drawn.

We look forward to seeing you in January!
Your Winter Workshop Team

Send mail to: Tina Siebel
Phone: (315) 212-3012
444 Bouchelle Dr. Apt 105
NSB, Fl. 32169

I would like to pay by credit card instead of check. May I print, sign, and scan my application and email it instead of sending it via snail mail?
Yes, and it will count as a postmark the same as if you were putting a letter in the mailbox on that date. Once we have allowed time for the other applications to arrive by post, we will email you an invoice.
Please note that paying by card adds 3% to your total to cover processing fees.

Do I need to fill out an application? Can I type my selections in an email instead? May I pay now and send my application in later?
Everyone must sign and submit an application at the time they apply.

When will I receive confirmation of my class choice?
You’ll first receive confirmation that we have your application, and then a second confirmation of your housing and class assignment once all mail has arrived from different locations around the country.

I’m in a different country right now, so my application will take much longer to arrive in the USA. Will that set me behind other applications?
We assign classes based on postmark, so you will still have priority based on postmark. However, please send an email letting us know it is coming from far away.

Should I send separate checks for housing and classes?
This is not required, but many students do, and it is helpful in case rooms fill.

I am only interested in one class. Do I have to number my options?
No, you can choose only one class if you would like, or number up to all five in order of preference. You will only be assigned to one class.

Do I need to be a current FSG member to pay the Early Bird rate and have priority for class assignment?
Yes. You can join or renew for 2021 by visiting
Membership is by calendar year, so you will still need to renew in January. Please send membership checks to FSG at the St. Pete address.

Refunds & Cancellations

On or after November 30, 2021, no refunds for classes or housing will be made.


We appreciate your support of our Winter Workshop when you register. We also understand that situations arise that may make it impossible for a student to attend. For that reason, we have initiated a policy on assignment of a space in class to another FSG member. Please carefully review our assignment policy to understand how it may serve you in cases of emergency. We also ask for your understanding. FSG Northeast Chapter makes a substantial financial commitment/investment as it plans and implements this workshop. We have incurred expenses and obligations with facility rental, faculty contracts, catering expenses, housing and travel expenses, etc. Vacancies may be hard to fill even when there is a waiting list. For those reasons, we have a $100 non-refundable cancellation fee for requests in writing prior to November 30,2021. No cancellations can be made after November 30,2021.


Even though no refunds for lodging are made on or after November 30,2021, we do maintain a waitlist and will be happy to assist you in finding a student to assume your reservation from that list should you email us with a request, but cannot guarantee a replacement. There is no cancellation fee for lodging cancelled prior to November 30,2021.

Assignments of Class

Students who are unable to attend Winter Workshop 2022 may assign their class space to another FSG member in good standing provided that member meets the skill level qualifications required by the instructor. All such assignments must have the written approval of the Workshop Coordinator. For approval, the intention to assign any class must be made in writing and agreed to by both parties in the exchange. All payments must be up-to-date in accordance with the payment schedule. Students may assign their space at any time, before or after the cancellation deadline of November 30, 2021. There is no payment penalty for assigning your class to another FSG member, and as long as FSG Northeast is paid in full for the cost of the workshop, it is up to the student “buying” the space assignment and the student “selling” their space to determine their own mutually agreed upon price for such an exchange.


FSG Northeast Chapter reserves the right to substitute instructors and course specifics if necessary. In the unlikely event that a particular class is cancelled, FSG Northeast Chapter will offer the student the choice of attending another class when space is available or of receiving a refund.


By signing their application, each student agrees to release the Florida Society of Goldsmiths and FSG Northeast Chapter Boards of Directors, all FSG members, instructors as well as any person or entity on who on whose property the class is offered, from any and all liability for personal injury or property damage that the student may suffer or sustain due to negligence or otherwise in connection with any participation in class or other Winter Workshop related event.

ining Hall, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Winter Workshop