Classes at Our DeLand Studio

We offer jewelry classes for students of all skill levels at our Artisan Alley studio in historic downtown DeLand. Please note that all classes require advance registration or reservation — classes fill quickly.

Class scheduling can be flexible.


Pierce and Saw – with JoAnn Johnson
Members $85.00
Non Members $110.00

Add a new skill to your designs by piercing and sawing a design into metal. Texture can be added before or after creating your designs.  Learning this skill will add a new dimension to your pieces. Pieces can be  layered with almost anything you can make jewelry from.
There will be a supply fee to the instructor for the materials. 

Bangles and Rings – With Traci Remillard

Bangles class – Saturday 10/8 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Ring class – Sunday 10/9 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Want to make your own creation in the jewelry studio? Learn to solder sterling silver wire, form it into a circle and shape it using a steel die and the hydraulic press to create beautiful bangles or stacking rings. Pick Day 1 for Bangles ($85), Day 2 for stacking rings ($85)….or take both classes for $160. Non members pay $100 for one day, $185 for both days.

Students can expect to complete 2 or 3 bangles or several rings. Instructor will have a variety of sterling silver wire for sale. (cash or check is paid directly to the instructor for supplies).

Tina Siebel, Registrar
PO Box 541
South Colton, NY 13687
For additional information contact:
Carol Zodrow 386-873-2645, or
Tina Siebel 315-212-3012,

Kiln and Torch Fired Enamel
Introduction to Enameling with Traci Remillard and Dennis Fair at the DeLand Studio

Saturday, October 22nd, Kiln Fired Enamels
Sunday, October 23rd,  Torch Fired Enamels
Both classes are from 1:00PM – 5:00PM

Class size limit: minimum 3, maximum 6

Prerequisites: Be comfortable with fire and heat (we will be using kilns and torches).Please wear cotton clothing and closed-toed shoes.

Each Day is $85.00/FSG members, $110.00/non-members.     

There will be a $30.00 fee (each day) for the student kit, paid to the instructor at the beginning of the class.

This is a beginning enamels class. In this class you will learn safety rules for working with enamels and some basic metal skills – drilling, filing, shaping and sawing. You will learn how to prepare metals before enameling and how the enamels work on metal. Then you will learn and start enameling using the kiln or torch.

Everything you need will be supplied by the instructor.  Students should expect to create several pieces that can become pendants or earring sets.  You may choose to bring a jewelers saw for cutting your own shapes.  Some pre-cut copper shapes will be provided.

NOTE: Enamel is fine ground glass, you may bring your own goggles and masks if you have them. Basic masks and goggles will be provided by the studio.

There will be a $30.00 fee (each day) for the student kit, paid to the instructor at the beginning of the class.

Send your payment (made out to FSGNE) to:

Tina Siebel, Registrar
P O Box 541
South Colton, NY  13687

To pay by credit card, please phone Tina at 315-212-3012.
There is a 4% surcharge for using a credit card.I

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