Classes at Our DeLand Studio

We offer jewelry classes for students of all skill levels at our Artisan Alley studio in historic downtown DeLand. Please note that all classes require advance registration or reservation — classes fill quickly.

Class scheduling can be flexible.

June 5, 2022 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Members $75
Non Members $95

Learn two methods for making gem trees from wire and gemstone chips.  One method uses drilled gemstone chips, the second uses undrilled gemstone chips.
This 4-hour class provides all the tools and materials for you to construct two completed gem trees.
You will receive the wire, gemstone chips (drilled and undrilled), two tree bases and the tool used to form the branches for the undrilled gemstone chips. Additional classes will be available, showing how to increase the size of the trees and how to design different types of trees.  Your options are limitless!!
Applications are available at the Deland studio (Artisan Alley) or on line (
Contact Tina Siebel at for registration questions.
Contact Carol Zodrow at for class information.

Pierce and Saw – with JoAnn Johnson
June 11, 2022 9:00am – 1:00pm
Members $85.00
Non Members $110.00

Add a new skill to your designs by piercing and sawing a design into metal. Texture can be added before or after creating your designs.  Learning this skill will add a new dimension to your pieces. Pieces can be  layered with almost anything you can make jewelry from.
There will be a supply fee to the instructor for the materials. 

RINGS AND THINGS! – with Traci Remillard

Want to make your own creation in the jewelry studio?    Learn to solder sterling silver wire, form it into a circle and shape it using a steel die and the hydraulic press to create beautiful bangles or stacking rings.   

Members – Pick Day 1 for Bangles ($80), Day 2 for stacking rings ($80)….or take both classes for $150. 
Non members pay $100 for one day, $185 for both days.

Day 1:  June 12, 2022
Day 2:  June 26, 2022

Students can expect to complete 2 or 3 bangles or several rings.   Instructor will have a variety of sterling silver wire for sale. (cash or check is paid directly to the instructor for supplies).

Low Tech Glass/PMC Class with Chris Darway

The class will be Friday, June 17th and Saturday June 18th. 10am to 5pm.
Cost to members is $425, nonmembers $535.
4% surcharge for credit card payment.

In this workshop you will use a paint brush to apply PMC slip (silver clay paste) to float glass. A variety of techniques and finishes creates amazing results!!
The examples speak for themselves!
You will be preparing creative paper clay slumping forms, painting silver slip on glass for scratch drawing, use PMC sheet bail for a pendant, use punched forms on glass, embedding fusing glass to float glass and learning finishing techniques.
Those students who took Chris’s class (using Aura22 gold on silver) know what a great instructor he is!!
As an added bonus, any one taking the class will receive a $50 gift certificate towards a Glass Fusing class with Carol Zodrow.

All students must complete an application and send payment to our registrar:

Tina Siebel, Registrar
444 Bouchelle Drive Apt# 105
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
For additional information contact:
Carol Zodrow 386-873-2645, or
Tina Siebel 315-212-3012,

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